Licensing, Design , construction of Renewable Source Energy Station

Interconnected Photovoltaic systems smaller than 1 MW

  •  Applications  for the purpose of   licensing  Photovoltaic Systems  without Environmental constraints
  • Designing of Photovoltaic Systems
  • Construction of Photovoltaic Systems

Interconnected Photovoltaic Systems bigger than 1 MW

  • Applications in the Greek Energy Requlator Authority 
  • Applications for Environmental approvemets ( Photovoltaic Systems smaller than 2 MW and Photovoltaic Systems bigger than 2 MW)
  • Construction of Photovoltaic Systems

Net metering Photovoltaic Systems

  • Applications for the purpose of licensing Net Metering Photovoltaic Systems
  • Construction of Net Metering Photovoltaic Systems

Wind Generators smaller than 60 kW

 Licensing for the purpose of wind generators  installation and connection with energy distribution network smaller than 60 kW according to YPEN/DAPEEK/74462/2976/FEK B 3150/30-7-2020

Other Renewable Sources of  Energy Station 

Licensing for the purpose of installing and connection with energy distribution network  energy stations deals with Biobass or Biogas